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Art Plus Melb A Two Day Event Without The White Walls

ART+MEL 2014

On November 29 & 30, Redbubble invited Melbourne to experience Art+Mel, a two day art event without the white walls. With over 15,000 people attending, we took art out of galleries and onto the streets, celebrating Melbourne artists at two interactive hotspots in the heart of the CBD.

Federation Square was graced with a sea of beds, showcasing independent art you can sleep under, while a floating gallery exhibited designs for the everyday. Down the street, an infamous Melbourne lane way came alive under the paint brushes and spraycans of our best street artists. Art+Mel was a celebration of the best independent art that Melbourne had to offer.

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One weekend. Two hotspots.
100+ local artists.


Bed Square

A two day art event that wants you to get under the covers

We have never seen Federation Square so soft and comfortable! Showcasing over 80 local artists on original pillows and duvet covers, this was not your usual bedroom setting. We had over 15,000 people passing through Bed Square to support local artists and check out the art you can sleep under.

Federation Square was also the backdrop for the most creative and innovative outdoor gallery to come out of Melbourne. The gallery allowed visitors to lounge around while checking out art that can decorate your phone, tote bag, or sofa.

Meanwhile, live artist Justine McAllister encouraged viewers to interact with her paint-by-numbers design. The design was a hit with adults and children alike.

WHERE: Federation Square, Corner Swanston Street + Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD

Round the Bend

A two day art event that wants you to get caught in the web

Round the Bend saw Rutledge Lane come alive as local artists Kaitlin Beckett and Matthew Dunn included their newest installation of street art. 5000 people navigated the hotspot, witnessing the artists add another layer of colour to one of Melbourne’s infamous lane ways. Kids and adults alike were able to add their own work of art as they passed through, stencilling various shapes and patterns onto the lane way walls.

WHERE: Rutledge Lane, Melbourne CBD (near Hosier Lane)

After Party

A two day art event that wants you to enjoy a drink

This was not your usual Sunday evening affair. Once visitors of Federation Square and Rutledge were done soaking up the best artwork that Melbourne had to offer, they headed to 1000 £ Bend for the Art+Mel after party.

Alongside a drink, viewers were able to witness the final installation of live art from Simon Sherry and Justine McAllister. With some great Redbubble designs, fine tunes and great company (not to mention an amazing centrepiece of Redbubble art on one hundred different boxes), Art+Mel ended with a bang.


WHERE: 1000 £ Bend, Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD


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